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In an effort to prevent duplicate forms and taking up more of your time than necessary, please read the blurb associated with each document before downloading and completing it. To provide clarity, the "Insurance Forms" are due in January each and every year you are a student-athlete at OC. The "Varsity Full" packet only needs to be complete once, when you first come into the OC system. The "Varsity Returning" packet needs to be complete each Fall every subsequent year (after your first year when you completed the "Varsity Full" packet). The "Walk-on/Recruit Packet" is required for student-athletes who are "walking on or trying out" in hopes of making the varsity squad. 

  • Insurance Forms: Insurance Information/Authorization and Securing Medical Assistance Forms. OC must maintain current insurance information on all of its student-athletes. The SMA portion of this document details OCATS policies and procedures for reimbursement of medical expenses for varsity OC student-athletes. This information is renewed on the calendar year, not according to the academic year.
  • Varsity Full: This packet contains all the forms necessary for an OC freshman or a new OC transfer who will be competing at the varsity level.
  • Varsity Returning: This packet contains only the forms required if you were a varsity student-athlete at OC this past year.
  • Walk-on/Recruit Packet: Any student-athlete who is making a campus visit must have this packet on file before he or she can participate in a team workout. In addition, this is required for student-athletes who have not been recruited (or have not been explicitly told they are varsity) and are "walking on or trying out" in hopes of making the varsity squad. If you are unclear of whether you are varsity or walk-on, please ask your coach directly.
  • Doctor's Slip: This document must be taken to any appointment with an allied health professional that may affect your ability to participate in your assigned sport. The slip should be filled in by that individual and returned to OCATS. Slips are made available here only as back-up. Whenever possible you should see your supervising AT prior to pursuing care by an outside entity.

All medical information should be returned directly to Oklahoma Christian Athletic Training Services. You will find our direct postal address and our direct fax number on the forms. We will not be held responsible for clearance delays or lost files for those student-athletes/parents who mail packets to their coach or fax to the general athletic department number. This can't be stressed enough!

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